She is not only a successful event planner, but also a creative florist with endless imagination and infinite ideas on how to set up the stage each couple dreams of. Wedding florist Penny Zachou expresses herself through her creations, while making sure that she captures in them each couple’s nature, in order to turn every wedding story into a wedding success.

1. How did your journey in floral design begin?

While working as an event planner, the beautiful flower arrangements by florists draw my attention. Their attention to detail was amazing. Hence I decided to take up a 15-month flower design course, more as a means to understand the way florists work. As time went by, though, I realized how much I enjoyed being immersed in flower design while creating flower arrangements and soon I began working for one of the most renowned floral design firms in Greece. My passion for this business was a one-way road.

2. How would you describe
your style?

Although my first concern is to create an arrangement that my client will love, I’m fond of contrasts, colours and rich-texture flowers. Being more of a maximalist, I’m more drawn to boho-chic and ethnic style than to minimal arrangements.

3. Please describe a day in a florist’s life.

A florist’s day starts at around 5 in the morning, as we need to head to the market, where flowers are imported. Next, we enter the studio, where, immersed in creation, we lose touch with the outside world. In a few words, I’d say a florist’s day is demanding, yet fun and colourful.


4. Is there a flower you prefer and recommend more often for wedding decorations?

Every flower has its own character and that’s why I love them equally. Still, I do have a preference for peony, anemone, anthurium and protea, as they are all remarkable flowers with unique beauty and they make a difference in each flower arrangement.

5. Every flower symbolizes something. Which three flowers best characterize your personality, based on that symbolism?

I’d say that I’m more of an astilbe type, because even though it’s not the main protagonist in a flower arrangement, it turns each creation into a distinctive statement. Roses, as well, for beautiful as they may be, still they can be tricky if you don’t pay attention to the thorns. Last but not least, calla lilies, for maintaining balance.

6. Is there a project you feel particularly proud of?

I couldn’t tell. Each flower arrangement is unique and in accordance with the couple’s character. I love each and every one of them, for different reasons.

7. What inspires you to come up with each floral arrangement?

My inspiration comes from the couples I work with, their energy and the feelings that rise during our collaboration. Moreover, I get inspired by specific details in everyday life, that often go unnoticed by others but that add their own touch to the end result.

8. Would you say that the love of flowers is enough for someone wanting to be a floral designer?

Love is everything. It all starts from there and it all leads there. If you add passion, creativity and imagination, the road to success is paved. Therefore, if one wants to take up floral design and they possess these traits, they shouldn’t think any longer. Their success is certain.

9. Apart from being a florist, you are also an event planner. What if you had to choose between the two?

That’s a tough one, even though I’ve given it a lot of thought. At the beginning of the high season, when I’m overwhelmed by fatigue, I think that I better make a choice. But it’s impossible. I love them both so much, that it feels impossible to decide. Each one has its own specific nature and, at the end of the day, the pleasure I take in each of them has a different taste.

10. Do you think that the current historical era has affected the floral industry in any way?

COVID-19 affected almost every sector and floral industry is no exception. Prices skyrocketed up to 40% for many flower species, but all florists try to do our best for our clients.

11. Is there a message for this year you would like to communicate?

Surrender to what your soul tells you. Make your choice based on what you feel is best for you, not according to trends and fads. Express your feelings without any fear, through the various flowers’ textures and colours. Let’s not suppress our feelings and wishes any longer. May we find reasons in every day to celebrate and surprise ourselves.