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Why do we need an event planner?

There are more than one reasons why you need an event planner.
First of all, when it comes tο planning events, time management is the number one skill a person should have and noone would be better than a professional. Also, an event planner is the only one you can trust to warn you when your bright ideas might cost more than you can afford since you need to stick to the budget.
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What are the benefits of working with Storytale Events?

Considering that most of the people who want to have and enjoy an event are so busy, Storytale Events can help you organize the small details from the scratch. You don’t have to worry about anything but how to enjoy this adventure. We are fully committed to making your day, so you can offload your stress to us since we can handle it and we can advocate on your behalf doing our best for your interest. We save your time by recommending excellent vendors saving you time and money. Last but not least, we will be present on the day making sure that everything goes according to the plan and what had you imagined.


Is there any specific area of your expertise?

Our priority is to express your style and aesthetic during your celebration. We do not have a specific style even though we love being romantic. Being romantic as a team help us make the perfect event for you no matter what your style is. Romance for us is to offer you an unforgettable experience you will live with your guests based on your needs and desires.


What Services do you offer?

You can choose either our full planning service or partial planning services based on your needs. By offering full planning and design service, we commit to safeguard every aspect of your event so as you to be stress-free during our adventure. It is our job to find the perfect venue for your event, to choose among talented vendors who meet your standards, to manage your budget always for your interest and be present on your day. In other words we commit to be by your side since the day one.
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Where are you based?

We are lucky enough to live in the most beautiful country in the world Greece and more specifically in Athens. Greece has a large number of venues all around the country where you can choose for your special event. The Mediterranean weather is perfect for all ages, so there is nothing to stop you from having the day you had imagined here. We can offer suggestions for prime locations based on your preferences and desires. You can choose either Athens where you can find a big list of excellent venues or among a huge variety of islands based on your individual style, budget and event type enjoying the breathtaking sunset and infinite blue. Anything you want is an opportunity for us to offer you the event you’ve always wanted.


Do you have specific vendors that you work with?

As professionals, we always want tο work with vendors who offer the best of their services. So, we collaborate with the most talented vendors in the industry in order to give you the best outcome based on your brief and budget. But if you have already booked a specific vendor we are always open to meet new professionals and work with them. After all, the last decision is always up to you.


Do we have to go through your vendors if we hire you as our event planner?

The answer is no. Even though, we have worked hard at developing the relationships we have with our vendors and we can guarantee for the quality of their services, we are more than excited to work with any vendors youwould prefer.


Is there a specific time that we should book your services?

The sooner you book us, the better! In this case, you have more options. You can choose the venue you’ve always dreamed of while there will be the availability of the vendors you might want. Of course, we are at your disposal even if you book our services a couple of months or weeks before since our only goal and desire is to live your celebratory occassion.


In case of a destination event, is there an extra charge of travel & accomodation?

In this case, it depends on where you are getting married. The certain is that travel and accomodation costs will be always calculated and communicated to you and agreed upon before you commit to proceed with us. Because we don’t want you to deal with unexpected expenses during our cooperation.