Their shared passion for wedding photography united them both professionally and personally.

Tonia Andromaneskou and Theodore Zoumis, aka TONIA & THEODORE PHOTOGRAPHY, are the professional photographers that every couple would love to have by their side on their wedding day, in order for these special moments not only to remain vivid as memories, but also to be captured perfectly in an artistically created photo album that will allow the couple to relive them for many years ahead.

Tonia and Theodore have all the necessary knowledge to discern feelings and details alike, to capture them through their lens and make unique each wedding story.

1. How did you decide to take up wedding photography?

Having both started as amateur photographers, we have always been seeking inspiration through various subjects. Over the years and after our encounter with wedding photography, we realized that it is the only subject that never ceases to trigger our creativity. That’s why we love it the most.

2. What is it that you seek while capturing an event?

Our wish is to capture all the genuine feelings, the details that often go unnoticed, so that each wedding story’s uniqueness is celebrated. Besides, the wedding is a unique moment in each couple’s life; there’s no better way to relive these special moments than through the pictures that have captured everything -the feelings, the gestures, the incidences- that unfolded on that day.

3. After countless shots taken in total, what would you advise a couple planning their wedding, in order for them to look great in photos?

Truth is, after so many wedding shooting through the years, we could give countless advice and tips. If we had to choose one, that would be it: At that moment, on that special day, don’t think of anything else than each other. The two of you have shared so much already and there is so much more to come. Let your feelings unfold freely and you may be certain that they will be captured by the lens.

4. If you had to decide among wedding, baptism, party or corporate event photography, what would you choose and why?

Wedding photography, definitely. Each event has its own character, for sure, but we are passionate for weddings. It’s the best day in a couple’s life and we are delighted to have an active role in it. We experience it along with the couple.

5. What are your feelings when a couple assigns you the photo shooting of their wedding?

We’re always deeply honored and happy for their trust on that special day.

6. Through your lens you get to see details that usually go unnoticed. Was there a particular detail that moved you while capturing it?

We are always moved by the sentimental, admiring glances of the couple’s parents while looking at the bride or groom shortly before the wedding.

7. What fosters your creativity during the current adverse times?

It’s not something tangible or concrete. It’s rather our inner need and force to capture in pictures everything that we appreciate and love.


8. What is it like for a couple to share their time with each other both at home and at work, as in your case?

To tell you the truth, sometimes it’s difficult, especially if you take under consideration that half the year’s weekends we both need to abstain from all other commitments. But during a wedding, a single glance is enough to communicate our thoughts – that is enough for us to feel that we complete each other.

9. What would you advise a couple planning to get married in 2022?

First, we would definitely suggest that they need to book on time the various professionals involved, as availability for 2022 is already limited. Also, to bear in mind that quite possibly, they will exceed their budget. Nevertheless, the service they will enjoy in return, will be worth it! And don’t forget that the most memorable part of the day is the wedding party and they should therefore include that in their budget as well.

10. Any future plans you would like to share with us?

We’ve got many plans both personal and professional. Yet, our main goal is to continue offering our couples value-added, high-quality services and pictures. Afterall, every couple is worth it!